"AI allows us to have a more meaningful relationships with clients," says Cathie Crampton from Place

Propic Pioneer Q&A with Cathie Crampton, director of property management for Place Estate Agents in Brisbane.

Welcome to this week’s Propic Pioneer Q&A with Cathie Crampton, director of property management for Place Estate Agents in Brisbane.

Each week we share answers to the same questions from a different property industry pioneer, personality or Propic partner to inspire you in your own journey and sense of community in our people-first industry.

Over to you Cathie….

Q. What do you like most about your current role?

In my current role I am responsible for the strategy and execution of all property management operations. This encompasses developing the strategic plan in collaboration with key Place members, as well as overseeing and in some cases taking direct responsibility for operational execution of many initiatives. No two days are ever the same and it is very challenging and there is much scope to be innovative.

Q. What excites you most about the real estate industry?

The fact we now have pressure to evolve, which we have needed for years. The role AI will play can't evolve quick enough for me. I see it as a critical part of future technology platforms, and key in the future of a scalable and profitable PM solution.

Q. What's a defining memory from the first property you tried to rent/buy for yourself as a young person?

The first property I rented was $45 a week. It was a share house with footballers and a news reader. We even had an overnight stay from the Rugby World Cup! My first property purchase was when I was 22. I  had been working for a year to save and buy a house, which I then rented out, and did the same again a year later. I bought both with family members and then eventually sold both to purchase in the Sydney market. It was a good leverage at the time!

Q. What are some of your proudest professional achievements?

Many - but mostly assisting many current PM professionals into more senior roles across multiple networks. Continuing to work with industry professionals in this way is something I'm keen to do more of in the future too, to advance Property Management as a strategic career choice.

About Place

Place Estate Agents was established in 2002 with a clear vision: to be Brisbane’s best residential real estate agency. Today, Place Estate Agents dominate the Brisbane market with the sole purpose of finding everyone their happy place.

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