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MRI Software flags burnout as a very real danger in 'The Voice of the Property Manager' released early 2022.

A new report titled "The Voice of the Property Manager" released by Propic partner, MRI Software flags burnout as a very real danger. Is it possible to double an agency's availability to 24/7 while keeping your team happy? 100% yes.

Burnout is a very real danger we face as an industry if we don’t embrace technology. A new report released last week by our partner, MRI Software, discovered 53% of property managers struggle with mental health and switching off after work.

MRI Software, Voice of the Property Manager, 2021 Australia edition

The Voice of the Property Manager report written by Kylie Davis from Real Estate Think also revealed the workplace and home office are morphing for many real estate professionals with a mix of face-to-face, remote and hybrid interactions.

Almost 40% of agencies in Australia reported a quarter of their organisations’ staff intend working in a hybrid capacity in 2022, according to the report -- find it here.

Again, the danger with this blurring of lines between work and home in an industry like real estate, is that 80% of property inquiries happen outside of business hours. Real estate is a service industry and attracts problem solvers and relationship builders. What’s stopping your people feeling compelled to answer those questions around the clock? And if they don’t, what’s stopping your prospect from finding an agent who will?

The reality is people’s expectations have changed. We use technology to shop, drive, relax, bank and stay connected with news, family and friends any time of day or night. It’s no wonder those same expectations are now being put on real estate.

At Propic we believe deeply in our technology as a way of keeping people first in property. Using AI automation, you can deliver superior service while improving staff wellbeing, productivity and retention, and sleep!

Place Estate Agents is a prime example of a modern real estate agency taking advantage of the promise of our people first AI: Concierge AI is now active to field 100s of inquiries, day and night, via email, Facebook, portals and their website. Their 500-strong team come into work each day refreshed and ready to follow up active leads, make connections, solve problems and help more people find "their happy place". You can read more about our work with Place here.

Bottom line, the “market” may be open 24/7 but you need your people focused, inspired and energised during business hours to do the very human task of building connections, spotting opportunities, solving problems and easing the extraordinary stress everyday Australians are facing in finding the right property right now.

You don’t need to be a tech guru. Propic Concierge AI is intuitive, easy to use, and designed with years of industry experience behind it. It does all the heavy lifting, so you and your people can focus on what’s important and avoid burnout.

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