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Dive Into 2024 with 'Claire by Propic': with Patrick Hill and Drew McTavish

Recently, the Propic team subtly hinted at a significant enhancement to our product capabilities, marking a groundbreaking advancement in AI technology tailored for the Real Estate sector. After dedicated months of intense, under-the-radar development, we're excited to officially unveil 'Claire by Propic'.

As we approach Christmas, we're eager to share detailed insights and real-world examples of how Claire can revolutionise your business.

In an initiative to start the year with technology that's not just ahead of its time but also setting new standards in artificial intelligence across various fields, Propic made a decisive move.

Patrick Hill, our Chief Product Officer, and Drew McTavish, Head of Product, recently led a select group of media representatives and industry executives through a series of live demonstrations showcasing Claire's capabilities.

Don't Miss Our Exciting Seminar Highlights:

  • 00:00 - 1:30: Catch Patrick Hill's opening announcement about this revolutionary AI advancement.

  • 1:30 - 3:38: Watch the Stone Real Estate x Propic Promotional Reel for exclusive insights.

  • 3:39 - 5:45: Discover how Place Estate Agents are integrating 'GAile', another innovative solution from partnering with Propic

  • 5:50 - 25:07: Experience a comprehensive introduction and live demo of Claire by Propic, hosted by Drew McTavish and Patrick Hill.

Join us in this journey as we step into a new era of real estate technology with Claire by Propic, where innovation meets practicality to transform your business in ways never imagined before.

Want to know or more or simply have a chat to someone from our team? Hit the 'Get in Touch' button at the top of this page.


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