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Propic Fast Tracks Client Acquisition with Fully Subscribed Series D Led by View Media Group

Propic, Australia's home of AI for Real Estate, is thrilled to announce the successful closure of its Series D raise. This significant milestone not only marks a remarkable achievement for Propic but also solidifies the company's position as a leader in the real estate industry for Generative AI.

The Series D round received overwhelming support, with Antony Catalano’s View Media Group (VMG) playing a pivotal role in closing out the round, which was fully subscribed in March. As a strategic partner, VMG's collaboration with Propic highlights a shared vision to improve the consumer and agent experience around real estate transactions through proprietary language models designed to serve customers 24/7.

Antony Catalano, Executive Chairman of View Media Group, commented, “We are proud to support Propic in their Series D funding round. This strategic investment aligns perfectly with our vision of creating an interconnected property ecosystem. Our partnership exemplifies our commitment to innovation and delivering market-leading solutions for real estate consumers across the country.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Jeffrey Gray, CEO of Propic, stated, "We are delighted to have VMG's support in our Series D round. This partnership aligns perfectly with our strategy to truly transform the real estate industry and brings us closer to achieving our vision of delivering Australia's best AI-driven real estate solutions."

The timing of this announcement coincides with the release of Claire by Propic earlier this year. Claire, powered by generative AI technology, is already redefining real estate operations for some of Australia’s major real estate brands. By offering intelligent, real-time interactions in managing buyer and leasing enquiries, augmenting property data and now with an ability to interpret photos and floorplans, Claire’s powerful capabilities signal a step change in how property transactions are managed.

"We are confident that the investment from the Series D round will accelerate our client acquisition efforts and further solidify Propic's position as the Home of AI for Real Estate," added Gray.

Moving forward, Propic is poised to announce a number of major real estate brands coming on board in the coming months, marking significant strides forward in its client acquisition journey. 

This next phase will not only reinforce Propic’s dominance in the market but also further highlight its capabilities in improving customer response times, interpreting data and providing real estate agents with key features essential for improving their bottom line.


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