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"The people at Propic are highly regarded across the industry" says Ryan Campbell on joining Propic

Propic Pioneer Q&A with Ryan Campbell, new Head of Innovation at Propic.

Welcome to this week’s Propic Pioneer Q&A with Ryan Campbell, new Head of Innovation at Propic.

Ryan started his career in real estate 25 years ago in Software Help Desk. He thrives on tackling the challenges that come with the ever-changing world of modern real estate.

Over to you Ryan….

The people at Propic are world class, and I enjoy working with the team. We have got some great technology solutions that are going to help transform the lives of our clients by making them more productive, and ideally allowing them to spend more time with the people they love.

It’s a passion. It is what I know well and I thrive on the challenges the industry is facing now, and in the future. I find that in real estate you either get it and really understand it in all its many facets, or you’re plain confused by all the process and jargon.

I had just turned 22 and had a newborn baby. We rented a room and a living area for three months in Cromer, with my soon to be mother-in-law. We then moved to our own two bed unit in Dee Why where we paid about $220 per week.

The people I have helped grow in their own skills and confidence. I have seen people progress from junior roles in my team to more senior roles and then eventually leave and take up senior roles in global companies. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your team, the people you are charged with leading, to grow, achieve success and go on to become leaders of their own teams.

After 25 years in the industry, at two of the most well regarded groups in the industry, I am looking forward to using the skills, knowledge and experience to contribute to product development and assisting and also learning from Propic and its clients.

A new generation of modern real estate agents is choosing Propic to intelligently connect people, properties and real estate services with the latest Artificial Intelligence insights. Propic customers include national real estate franchises to boutique independent agencies. Propic has created an affordable subscription model to make it possible for pioneers to access the extraordinary power of big data AI to find new leads, talk to more people, predict buying and selling patterns, and rediscover the joy of connecting people to property in the modern always-on world. Find out more at

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