Propic Advantage

Propic Advantage

Experience more of the sales buzz, every day

Prioritise people ready to sell

Propic Advantage combines the power of Propic Concierge and Propic Insights to supercharge residential sales agents' lead generation volume and vendor listings.

Our AI lets you know who to call, when and why, and now, with Propic Advantage, reaches out for you too.

Custom AI microsites trigger live, dynamic AI conversations that deliver high-intent people ready for your personal touch.


Flags potential vendors most likely to sell based on our AI insights.


Trained to talk in natural conversation style, anytime, day or night.


Custom microsites tailored with insights about their home.

Propic Advantage Features

Why make 100 calls to get one lead, when you can now experience the buzz of 2:1 conversions? Every day!

Put the power of AI to work for you.

Personal microsites

Sends AI-generated micro-sites with data insights about every potential vendors' home. Like a targeted mailbox drop.

Learn more about Residential Sales

Market Wrap

What's happened in the last 7 days? One place to see every new listing, new sale, withdrawn listing and price change across your suburb.

Learn more about Residential Sales

CMS Integration

Propic AI integrates with Agent Box, REX, Box & Dice (MRI Software), Vault RE ++

Learn more about Residential Sales

Competitor Insights

Real-time data on 160,000 agents and 60,000 agencies. Be in the know on how your pricing segments, listing quantities, average days on market and market share compares to others.

Learn more about Residential Sales

Conversations by CLAIRE

Our Conversation AI in Propic Concierge, we call her CLAIRE, uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing to have insightful conversations 24/7.

Learn more about Residential Sales


Boost your prospecting volume x 18

Learn more about Residential Sales

Always-on generation

SMS or email live AI conversations with prospects any time.

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Affordable access to true competitive advantage

Propic Advantage is now available for individual Residential Sales leaders, sales teams from 2-200+ and franchise networks or brands looking for a Total Agency Advantage.

Price guide: $160 per sales person per month

Price guide:  $160 per person per month (ROI guaranteed in most cases).

What the industry says

Total agency intelligence

“There has been a change in the level of service clients expect. In the current world, everyone wants something immediately."

Vivien Yap, Principal

Ray White (Dalkeith)

Total agency intelligence

“When a potential buyer inquires about a property, the Propic technology directs them to a ‘micro site’ about that specific home where they can find out more about it."

David Sparksman, Head of Innovation

Place Estate Agents

Real Estate Sales on Demand

"Our relationship with Propic has been long-held, we have been involved since the very beginning. We believe that the technology that they are rolling out to the market is much more clever than most of the other stuff out there."

Leanne Pilkington, CEO

Laing & Simmons


Get answers to the most common questions about our company, products and the sectors we help serve the needs of the always-on generation of buyer, seller, investor and tenant.

How are you different from Core Logic and other data services providers?
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Which other technologies common in real estate do you integrate with?
What is the cost to start using Propic AI?
Who owns Propic?
Can I get a demo?
Who are your customers?
Does your technology put Property Managers out of a job?
What's the difference between Concierge, Insights and Advantage?
Does your product generate leads?


Everything you need to integrate Propic Ai into your business.

Total agency intelligence

Real estate on demand for the always-on generation.

This package includes our full product suite, including:

  • Propic Concierge

  • Propic Insights

  • Propic Advantage

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