Propic Concierge

Propic Concierge

Instant connections, intelligent conversations

Always-on AI client service

Propic Concierge delivers 24/7 instant connections and insightful conversations tailored for every sector of modern real estate, be it

✔️Property Management

✔️Residential Sales

✔️Project Marketing or

✔️across your Total Agency franchise or brand.

As Netflix is to entertainment, Propic AI is to real estate; keeping modern agencies serving the always-on generation 24/7.


Almost 80% of property enquiries happen after business hours, most between 9-10pm. Many wait 72 hours+ for a response.


More than half of all enquiries go unanswered by busy agents. 100% get answered with Propic Concierge.


Over 52 agencies rely on Propic Ai to keep their NPS scores high. 36,000+ leased properties are managed with Propic.

Propic Concierge Features

Automate the mundane, grow without burnout.

Find + help buyers

Nurture customers 24/7 and identify pre-qualified buyers + potential vendors with high intent.

Learn more about Residential Sales

Happy Tenants

Answer 99% of tenant queries intelligently, helpfully and quickly via email, chat, text or Google Assistant.

Learn more about Property Management

True AI

True AI is more than a chatbot. Our AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sentiment Analysis and Machine-Learning plus deep workflow automation.

Learn more about Total Agency

Sell projects

Generate 10x more lead conversions for project marketing, developers and new home and land development projects.

Learn more about Project Marketing

Always-on Generation

SMS and Email live AI Conversations with your prospects any time that suits them, day or night.

Learn more about Residential Sales

Ai Maintenance

Maintenance requests handled automatically including contacting tradies + service providers.

Learn more about Property Management

Invoice + rental arrears

Cut 5-10% off rental arrears from day one, and let AI Conversations by CLAIRE do the polite but persistent chasing for you.

Learn more about Property Management


Facebook, real estate portals, SMS + email queries handled as they happen, even after hours.

Learn more about Project Marketing

Happy staff

Take care of the mundane and relieve pressure on your staff to stay on top of thousands of enquiries.

Learn more about Total Agency

Moving out

Our AI automates maintenance follow-up and moving out connections.

Learn more about Property Management

Delight clients, excite your team

Propic Concierge is now available for 1-2,000+ in modular packages tailored for every sector of modern real estate.

✔️ for Project Marketers priced around $2200 per development per month.

✔️ for Property Management priced around $2.00 per property under management per month.

✔️ for Residential Sales priced around $120 per listing (vendor paid as part of the marketing mix).

✔️ for Total Agency Intelligence enterprise solutions email to speak to David Choi for a custom consultation.

What the industry says

Total agency intelligence

“Propic AI solves the problem of delayed response time by having an always-on digital concierge available 24/7 that can have intelligent AI conversations to solve problems, answer questions and complete tasks at any time.”

Kylie Dulhunty, Editor

Elite Agent

Property Management on Demand

"Propic technology has taken away stress for prospective tenants. They're able to be at home and do virtual inspections with us and ask at 11 o'clock at night any questions about our properties and get answers."

Rebecca Eveleigh, Leasing + Inspections Manager

Leah Jay (NSW)

Property Management on Demand

“[Propic Concierge] demonstrates to landlords that we are investing in their property, investing in communication channels and getting better quality tenants.”

Brett Hunter, Partner

DiJones (NSW)


Get answers to the most common questions about our company, products and the sectors we help serve the needs of the always-on generation of buyer, seller, investor and tenant.

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Which other technologies common in real estate do you integrate with?
How long does it take to setup Propic?
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What is the cost to start using Propic AI?
Who owns Propic?
Can I get a demo?
Who are your customers?
What is Enliven?
Does your technology put Property Managers out of a job?
What's the difference between Concierge, Insights and Advantage?
Does your product generate leads?
Does your product handle inbound enquiries?
Are you the same as a chatbot?


Everything you need to integrate Propic Ai into your business.

Total agency intelligence

Real estate on demand for the always-on generation.

This package includes our full product suite, including:

  • Propic Concierge

  • Propic Insights

  • Propic Advantage

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