Real Estate Sales on Demand

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Our Ai solutions for Residential Sales

The full suite of Propic AI solutions is now tailored for residential sales.

✔️ Propic Concierge is your AI conversation and workflow assistant

✔️ Propic Insights is your market intelligence AI advisor, and now

✔️ Propic Advantage, the world's smartest vendor lead and prospecting tool is your sales partner.

Propic Concierge

Work smarter, not harder.

Propic Concierge for Sales handles unlimited enquiries every day.

Trained to answer prospects, buyers, sellers and the many thousands of enquiries that come in via email, real estate portals, your website and social media.

Price guide: $140.00 plus GST per listing

Win more off-the-plan sales.

Propic Concierge for Project Marketing connects via Facebook, real estate portals, SMS + email to handle every prospective buyer conversation as it happens, even after hours.

Price guide: $2200 per development per month

Instant connection, intelligent conversations.

Propic Concierge for Property Management handles unlimited enquiries every day.

Trained to answer tenants, landlords, owners and investors in your tone of voice and brand style. Get more done while our AI Conversations by CLAIRE handles all your maintenance services issues, and politely but persistently chases rental arrears and invoices as well.

Price guide: $2.00 per property under management per month.

Instant connections and insightful conversations.

Propic Concierge provides 24/7 communication between agencies and landlords, tenants, customers, prospects and more with true AI.

Price guide: $2.00 per Property under Management

Propic Insights

Affordable access to extraordinary data.

Propic Insights for Sales analyses property searches, establishes intent and validates prospects, while you sleep.

Price guide: $140 per salesperson/BDM per month

Be in the know, now.

Keeping tabs on the rental market has never been easier. Easy dashboards with national to micro-local data on ever-changing trends in vacancy rates, rental prices, or lease duration are among the many customisable insights about the properties you manage, and every single one of your competitors.

Propic Insights is now available with AI Conversations, AI Maintenance, AI Finance (rent arrears + invoicing) and AI Connection modules tailored for Property Management professionals.

Price guide: $140 per Property Manager (PM) per month.

Key business decisions guided by AI.

With one neat dashboard tapping into expansive market, competitor and business data, corporate customers can make choices with informed confidence.

Propic Advantage

The ultimate vendor lead and prospecting partner has a proprietary algorithm at its heart and the power of Propic Concierge and Propic Insights in its DNA.

Propic Advantage for Sales is now available to Residential Sales Professionals, sales teams, and franchise brand networks.

Price guide: $160 per person per month

✔️Focus time on verified leads and prospects.

✔️Propic AI intuitively predicts, engages and converts leads autonomously.

✔️Agents can forget cold calling and redirect attention to the most qualified opportunities needing a human touch.

Our clients, our partners

Join the growing number of agency leaders serving the always-on generation using Propic AI.

What the industry says

Real Estate Sales on Demand

“Propic AI propels Harcourts focus on innovation by delivering in digitisation, analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation.

Katrina Tarrant, CEO

Harcourts NSW/ACT

Real Estate Sales on Demand

“Propic AI is an essential tool to thrive in this knowledge based contemporary economy.”

Katrina Tarrant, CEO

Harcourts NSW/ACT

Real Estate Sales on Demand

“There’s the capability to create a lot more discussions, which enables you to see more of their intent and how serious they are in buying at that moment in time.”

David Sparksman, Head of Innovation

Place Estate Agents (QLD)


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