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What if 1 in every 3 buyer enquiries could be your next potential seller?

With Propic, this isn't just a possibility - it's a reality.

Our latest property sales campaign results are a testament to the power of Claire, our AI-driven real estate technology.

Here’s what we achieved in just 4 weeks for one of our clients:

  • 13,402 buyer enquiries processed

  • 670 hours saved in responses

  • 4,256 potential vendor leads generated

  • 76% of enquiries were for owner-occupied properties not currently on the market

That’s a 31.8% lead conversion rate from total enquiries, meaning nearly one in three enquiries could be your next sale.

Meet Claire: Your AI for real estate

Claire is Propic's powerful AI assistant designed specifically for the real estate industry. Here’s how she works:

  • Real-Time Responses: Claire receives portal enquiries and responds to them instantly.

  • Lead Augmentation: Claire extracts valuable information related to enquirers and links it to property addresses including ownership details.

  • Data Integration: Claire accesses the Propic data lake to gather detailed information on properties, their status, and history.

What does this mean for you?

  • Increased Efficiency: Save hundreds of hours in response times, allowing your team to focus on high-value tasks.

  • More Leads: Identify and engage with potential vendors before they even list their properties.

  • Improved Sales: Convert more enquiries into sales with precise and timely follow-ups.

Book a demo today and see how Claire can transform your real estate business. 


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