About us

Be the change you want to see.

“There’s got to be a better way.”

Propic’s story began when founder Jeff Gray found himself grappling with a sentiment common among visionaries and innovators.

After a short stint in real estate, Jeff quickly discovered it was the most inefficient industry he had ever encountered.

Days were filled with door knocking, letterbox drops and no clear plan or an agenda. An overwhelming stream of ad-hoc customer enquiries made the experience tougher. While the tedious process of manually scraping data from the web to complete listings and conduct research had him shaking his head.

As an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Jeff stepped back and started thinking about solutions.

He began to ask, ‘What if?’​

What if I could rely on data, not my intuition to anticipate when a customer is ready to list their property for sale?

What if I could monitor digital real-estate listings in real-time?  

What if I had better tools that made my professional life easier?

What if customers could come to me when it suits them instead of wearing out my best pair of shoes and knocking on their doors at inconvenient times?

The questions inspired Jeff to find real answers. It was time for change. He happened to know a few very smart people. They got to work.

Our mission

As Netflix defines entertainment on demand, Propic defines real estate on demand. We enable modern real estate pioneers to serve the always-on generation with affordable access to extraordinary AI solutions tailored to their lived experience and growth ambitions.

Our vision

Equip the next generation of modern real estate with AI-powered solutions for them to delight the always-on generation of buyers, sellers, investors and tenants in Australia, and beyond.

Our values


Customer centricity matters. It’s at the heart of everything we do.


We’re transforming real estate together - there’s no time for ego. Let’s work with purpose and have fun along the way.


We speak up and challenge where needed because no one owns the good ideas. We value transparency, openness and respect.


Big ideas start with a few words, but it’s not enough to dream. We take pride in quality work that turns dreams into beautiful products which solve problems at scale.

Our journey

June 2021

Real estate customers and investors like Antony Catalano and Alex Waislitz from Australian Community Media (ACM) help Propic overcome COVID challenges and kickstart a phase of rapid growth with $6 million investment. Full story <here>.

May 2022

Propic acquires Property Realm to create world-first total agency AI solution for property management and residential sales. Appoints former CEO of Realm, Patrick Hill as Chief Product Officer at Propic. Full details <here>.

June 2022

Doubled revenue and customer base in FY22. About 53 brands use Propic Ai solutions, including the handling of AI conversations for over 34,000 properties under management.

August 2022

Rebrand Propic as the world's first AI services provider dedicated to facilitating real estate on demand.

Our team

#TeamPropic includes some of the best and brightest data scientists, engineers, sales, marketing, and business leaders. It’s a fast-growing Australian PropTech with global ambitions.

Jeffery Gray
Jeffery Gray
CEO and Founder
Peter Hutchison
Peter Hutchison
COO and Co-Founder
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill
Chief Product Officer
David Choi
David Choi
Chief Strategist and Commercial Officer
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell
Head of Innovation