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Corporate Solutions

Propic offers a range of enterprise technology and data solutions for large real estate groups and franchise networks.


We are proud to have partnered with some of Australia's largest brands and franchise networks and are the driving force behind their data strategies and management systems.

Using state-of-the-art data infrastructure, a data lake that tracks every property in Australia daily, integration with major industry CRM, and proprietary machine learning models combined with a dedicated data science team, Propic is uniquely positioned to accelerate your strategy and capability.

Our solutions cover everything from Data Lakes to Corporate Management and Franchise Management platforms.



Managed geo-spatial data lake prebuilt for real estate


Machine learning propensity to sell API's, combining your data an ours


Market insight spanning sales, rent, competitors & recruitment


Franchise management & corporate insights 

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Data Lake & Propensity

Key to any data strategy is the infrastructure required to land transform curate data for business intelligence predictive analytics, machine learning, or for consumption with other systems.

Claire provides businesses with the ability to accelerate their data strategy for a fraction of the cost to build, specifically developed for the industry.

This combined with Propics property data, and proprietary algorithms brings your data to life rapidly for multiple use cases.

Claire's propensity ML models leverage the data lake and the combined CRM and Propic data sets.  Highly accurate predictions against property and consumers can be accessed via API for use in any platform.

Insights & API's

Claire's insights power many businesses and companies. Real-time insight into the Australian property market across sales, rent, competitors, and agent/office recruitment provides a competitive advantage. Easily consumed via an online portal, hundreds of insights have been developed for agents, property managers, business owners, and corporate groups alike.

Claire can also make data available via a range of APIs or data feeds be that the underlying data or curated data around market performance for Australia.

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Corporate CRM & Franchise Mangement

Powered by the Propic data lake, Claire's corporate CRM is an entire management platform for groups and franchise networks.

Able to ingest and normalise data from any office CRM, provide insights into office and agent performance relative to the market and competition, franchise returns, recruitment, audit and compliance, and much more

What Our Clients Say


Zander Snape, Stone Real Estate Brand Manager

"With the help of Propic’s AI technology, we will be able to respond to enquiries in real-time, 24/7, providing a level of service that is unmatched in the industry"
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